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AbuseFilter doesn't highlight the match cases at abuse log
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At Abuse log we can not recognize which text or word case abuse filter active.It should highlight the match cases at Abuse Log

This was also proposed on Portuguese Wikipedia:



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Highlighing the match word


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As I was saying in the duplicate, this task won't be easy at all. First, we need to determine what "the content that matched a filter" is. For a simple filter consisting of e.g. only an "rlike" condition, we may highlight the regex match. But in any other case it's not so clear. Also, where should we highlight it? And no, not on the variable content: what if there are multiple regex using it? We would end up with tons of cryptic highlighting. Even after understanding what to do and where to do it, this would require quite a big change to the parser.

Perhaps this could be broken out to a separate function/screen? I'm usually able to determine the string hits using testers like the one at

Indeed, I usually test regexps there to determine what triggered the filter. However, many filters don't even use regexps. I'm also reluctant in adding another page: we currently have under review T120740 which would add a new page, and T193064 which will add two. We're also discussing about T198005, and an option is to add another page. I don't think we want too many new pages added (at least, not without a major restyling), do we?