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Add move gadget to Wikibase core
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There are several requests to adapt the move gadget [1] to the new ui [2] [3]. However, it was already a hack to insert the [move] link when the user clicked on [edit] and will become even harder to inject this in the new ui. As there are quite some users interested in this feature I think we might put this into Wikibase itself where it can be implemented in a sane way. Your comments are appreciated.


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Should get some input from Henning on interaction and design.

I am not sure we want this to be in the core. This seems like one of those power-user features that are best done in gadgets. However we should provide better support for these in the core of Wikibase.

Other opinions?

Lowest and Minor if we're undecided.

In the core as a gadget probably not. In the core as a feature - yeah but likely to be obsoleted by plain merging?

Copying from (maybe I'm not the only that noticed this comment only right now):

"On Bugzilla (where I cannot edit, as I am not registered there), John F. Lewis replied to Bene's proposal with 'In the core as a feature - yeah but likely to be obsoleted by plain merging?' I do not know what 'plain merging' is, but between the 'merge' tool and the 'move' tool there is a big difference. With merge, you move all information (all sitelinks, properties, labels etc.) to another item. With the move tool, you can move 1 sitelink if it is just placed on the wrong item, leaving the rest of the item as it is. Bever (talk) 06:08, 25 October 2014 (UTC)"

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Would love to have this in the core, so we have a better way to track where they (mostly new editors) left the sitelinks.