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Update pywikibot to reflect the anexo namespace removal from the Portuguese Wikipedia
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Looks like the Portuguese are killing the list namespace. This needs to be updated in several places in the family file if I recall correctly.

Version: core-(2.0)
Severity: normal

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Is it a normal namespace like 'Talk:' or 'File:'? If so core shouldn't require an update as it fetches the namespace data from the server.

No, it's not a normal namespace. It got some special provisions so you are allowed to connect it with namespace 0. self.crossnamespace in needs to be updated.

If you look in for 'pt' you'll see 102 (Anexo) and 103 (talk page for Anexo).

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This looks good for GCI, can I add it as a task?

I dont see any benefit in getting a newbie to do this change. The minimal fix is a 30 mins code change, max, and they don't learn a generic skill. Verifying that their change works correctly is a much harder problem, and I think it is very unlikely that a newbie will be able to find all the places that need to be tested to verify that this is working correctly, and/or actually test them.

We also need to triage this more.

Family.crossnamespace is only used by , and why do we need to support for Wikipedia? Is there functionality _for_Wikipedia_ which isnt replaced by Wikidata?

But thinking out loud ... we should have a unit test which checks that all Family namespaces are actually namespaces on the site. i.e. when site config changes conflict with our Family classes, we shouldnt need a bug report - the unit tests should yell out that something is wrong.

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Change 230369 had a related patch set uploaded (by Ladsgroup):
Remove list and list talk namespace from Portuguese Wikipedia

I don't see, why this task has high priority. crossnamespace is used on Wikipedia project and for only (and by wikisource for their authornamespaces). But Wikipedia has wikibase support and don't need it anymore. Therefore crossnamespace might be removed completely imho.

Change 230377 had a related patch set uploaded (by Xqt):
[FIX] Remove crossnamespaces out of the scope

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Change 230369 abandoned by Ladsgroup:
Remove list and list talk namespace from Portuguese Wikipedia

In favor of I931e0ff6

Change 230377 merged by jenkins-bot:
[FIX] Remove crossnamespaces out of the scope

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'Fixed' in core; probably similar problems exist in compat, but the impact is likely very low for the same reasons this functionality was removed from core -- interwiki bot is not needed/used on Wikipedia any longer.