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deletedrevs deprecated
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In MediaWiki 1.25 there was an API change announced:

list=deletedrevs becomes list=alldeletedrevisions
prop=deletedrevs becomes prop=deletedrevisions

APISite.deletedrevs uses API deletedrevs. This should use list alldeletedrevisions or prop deletedrevisions on 1.25+ (See APISite.version). The version test could be more specific. i.e. if it was released in 1.25wmf7 (as announced, but may not be reality), that can be used as the version test.

pywikibot/data/ includes a TODO which can be removed when this is completed.

See also T74733: Implement site.undelete.


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See the README in the tests/ directory

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Change 538006 had a related patch set uploaded (by Xqt; owner: Xqt):
[pywikibot/core@master] [bugfix] Implement alldeletedrevisions api call

The result of deletedrevs ListGenerator and deletedrevisions PropertyGenerator is different.


{'ns': 0,
 'revisions': [{'comment': 'Framawiki moved page [[Pywikibot bad token test]] '
                           'to [[User:Framawiki/pwb tests/bad token]]: move to '

                           'user namespace to avoid deletion for page '
                'parentid': 0,
                'revid': 341153,
                'timestamp': '2017-12-29T15:09:29Z',
                'user': 'Framawiki'}],
 'title': 'Pywikibot bad token test'}


{'deletedrevisions': [{'comment': 'Framawiki moved page [[Pywikibot bad token '
                                  'test]] to [[User:Framawiki/pwb tests/bad '
                                  'token]]: move to user namespace to avoid '
                                  'deletion for page inactivity',
                       'parentid': 0,
                       'revid': 341153,
                       'timestamp': '2017-12-29T15:09:29Z',
                       'user': 'Framawiki'}],
 'ns': 0,
 'pageid': 81035,
 'title': 'Pywikibot bad token test'}
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Change 538006 merged by jenkins-bot:
[pywikibot/core@master] [bugfix] Implement deletedrevisions api call