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Complete Bugzilla migration test review period
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Description has been announced and we are leaving at least one week for feedback.

Here we will track all what matters to get this review accepted. The outcome will be a Bugzilla migration date agreed and/or a list of heavy blockers of the migration.

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Since the number of tasks in Bugzilla-Preview has grown, I have ended up creating a workboard. This time I have added a "Done" column to place the tasks that are completed but still can't be verified in a new version of bugzillapreview. Do you think this is a good idea?

Update sent to wikitech-l, almost a week after the opening of bugzilla-preview.

Summary: T259: Bugzilla to Maniphest import script (tracking) is in "blocker freeze" now. Once we have resolved the current blockers, we will regenerate the bugzillapreview instance with a sample of 500 tasks in order to verify the fixes. Meanwhile, the next milestone is to announce the dates of these migrations.

For the records, we've deployed a new set of imported tickets onto bugzillapreview. This new preview fixes several of the issues reported by testers about the "first" version. Verifying now.

Current status:

  • Several bugs were fixed and verified. \o/
  • T881 and T1116 will be fixed, and we will add some imported bugs to the current sample to verify the fixes.
  • T815 still needs a solution. There is some progress, and we have a plan B if everything else fails. It is a very specific problem, so we don't need a wide review after fixing it, as long as our tests work.
  • T857 has been reopened and there is an ongoing discussion.

Will there be an updated preview with full import of the content and final setup/conversion?

@Nemo_bis: I don't think we have the capacity on Labs to import all tickets from Bugzilla so we provided a sample.
Do you have specific tickets that you'd like to test for certain things (I'm curious about criteria)? We could always explicitly import them.

bugzillapreview project completed. Now all the remaining tasks are in the Bugzilla-Migration project.

@Nemo_bis: I don't think we have the capacity on Labs to import all tickets from Bugzilla so we provided a sample.