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configure link for in other languages box should be a proper red link
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The "configure" link in the in other languages box should be a proper red link. This way we can take advantage of it automatically turning red/blue and sending people to the edit page directly. It will also show up in special pages and so on.

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It should also link to a local page.

The change was patch set 5 of and received a -1. If reset to that patch set, who is going to merge it? See T86191.

What was the purpose of this task? It's not entirely clear to me. The link points to per default now (and to a different address on wikidata). @Lydia_Pintscher: Can this be closed?

Lydia_Pintscher lowered the priority of this task from Medium to Low.Jan 31 2016, 10:06 PM

The page we link to by default at this point is bad. The page on Wikidata that we link to there is also bad. :(
For another install I think this should be a local red-link that people can fill. Or even better we get rid of the link completely.

We're reworking the whole termbox and this will be redone as part of that.