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Give user indication how to influence preferred language selection
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Currently there are two ways, both undiscoverable from Wikidata:

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Is this about the languages shown on Wikidata items for labels and descriptions, AKA T56734?

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Just wondering about the message content. As having a hint in non-JS is probably not that useful anyway, still, there would be at least two messages. One for logged-in users and one for users not logged in. To avoid being bashed for improper messages and since there does not seem to be a dedicated responsibility for messages, I just put up the question for those messages:
Logged-in users may just be advised to set up Babel boxes on their user page. However, the message for users not logged in turns out to be a bit more tricky: Users not logged in need, of course, to be advised to log in / register. But they also need to set-up those Babel boxes which is a quite awkward step for new users. Is it really helpful to right away tell them about some Babel boxes they have to set up... Then again, not telling them upfront will result in that antagonizing step of returning to the page an being told: Bummer! You still have to set up those Babel boxes. Either way, I doubt the message for users not logged in would turn out to be very helpful. The procedure is just, again, awkward.
Decision requested.

How about the following: We just have a link there like "configure" or whatever - maybe even a configure icon. This then links to a wiki page that the community can write. This would have the necessary text saying something like "if you are not logged in please log in and then set up your babel box this way. if you are logged in please set up your babel box this way."

OK, follow-up question: As the whole procedure of using Babel is kind of not how it should be, should that mechanism be implemented as a gadget on Wikidata, or should effort be put into implementing a dedicated Special page (that should be removed rather sooner than later) for that, well, feature?

I would just add a redlink to a page that any wikibase install can fill. For Wikidata that could be or something similar. Then the community creates that page and another install can create their own page.
Once we have a better way to configure it we just remove the link to that page.
I don't think we need a SpecialPage or anything.

While that is a reasonable suggestion, adding any code to that feature is quite demotivating as it appears to be senseless effort...
I sincerely hope there is a way to replace that embarrassing mechanism. Can't we just implement some cookie/user preference based mechanism? Would be great to have that implemented directly into the UI anyway.

I would just add a redlink to a page that any wikibase install can fill. For Wikidata that could be or something similar.

This is not appropriate. Please create a stub help page (ideally on where all help pages should be) and then link it from the extension/interface as appropriate, per T45591

Change 184907 had a related patch set uploaded (by Siebrand):
entitytermsview: Inject link to help page


Alright. So we have a message that points to and then overwrite it on Wikidata locally.

Change 184907 merged by jenkins-bot:
entitytermsview: Inject link to help page