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Add IRC name and MediaWiki Username as alternate auto-complete lookups
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The "Name" field ("alternate name"/"real name"/etc, as discussed in T798), is currently the only alternate way to refer to someone. So, if someone uses a different name onwiki and onIRC, it is impossible to discover who they are.
E.g. is currently going by the username "demon" and the alt-name "Chad Horohoe". He lists his IRC name as "ostriches" and his mediawiki-username as "😂" but neither of those names successfully autocomplete if I type them into the Subscribers field.
E.g.2. ditto for and her IRC name "rdaiccherlb".
E.g.3. ditto for and his IRC/LDAP name "foks"

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(Possibly a separate task, or possibly will be solved by this task: Those names also don't come up in a general phab search, eg I suspect they should?)

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@chad just landed some elasticsearch stuff upstream that might be helpful here.

Probably not, beyond "it's now easier to make changes to this code" :)

This didn't get traction upstream. It might be something we could implement locally, I'm not sure how difficult it'd be.

There is a PhabricatorUser::NAMETOKEN_TABLE which is used for mapping arbitrary tokens to usernames, so it's as simple as adding a few new rows to that table with the tokenized values from the custom fields. Where to do this, I'm not exactly sure. I suppose it could be handled from within the custom field classes MediaWikiUserpageCustomField and LDAPUserpageCustomField... The IRC Nick custom field doesn't have a custom implementation class as it uses built-in standard custom field implementation.