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Use "assistant languages" from the Translate extension for the term box, etc.
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For the term box ("in other languages"), we currently look at the information provided by the Babel extension.
We could also look at the "assistant languages" provided by the Translate extension, if present (it's enabled on

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Don't we do that already for the cases where the user has no babel box?

Thanks for looking into this!

This proposal makes sense in theory and as a stopgap solution for the users using this preference, but may have marginal benefits compared to the cost of adding yet another way to customise language selection in labels.

Instead, Wikibase should work towards removing its custom language selection code, and work on improving ULS which is made precisely for this purpose. See T66793 and the discussion on user-specific language selection.

Don't we do that already for the cases where the user has no babel box?

If you ask ULS, probably ULS is doing this for you, yes: T64342. (Hence my point on working on ULS directly. ;) )

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