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Text input area in template editing modal is too small
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Experienced in Firefox, when editing the permission field of Commons' Information template.

Maybe this is a known issue, but I find it extremely painful to try editing a paragraph of text while only being able to view 1.5 lines at once (the short width also makes this worse due to excessive line wrapping). A good stopgap measure might be to let this text input be drag-resizable.

Screenshot_2015-02-09_19.27.38.png (86×417 px, 15 KB)

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Already fixed by Ed in (c0f146c1b328252dca0b3d42cce492fc6374befc).

I didn't realize this is already live, we'll probably want to backport or do a OOUI release soon?

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Checked - betalabs, test2, production - looks fine everywhere.

Re-opening it - Firefox 35(on Mac) still have the issue - Template text input areas do display a vertical scroll bar for chunks of text before clicking Insert. After the template was inserted - the input text boxes are still too small.

That's a separate Firefox-only issue, already tracked as T64084.

True. Closing this one - verified in Chrome/Safari.