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Allow anonymous users to translate
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Having to be logged in is another barrier to using CX. It was introduced for technical reasons, but there is no reason to enforce that *always*.


As a user, I can use CX without logging-in, so that I can start translating as quick as possible.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Users can start a translation without being logged-in.
  • Users can log-in when they decide to publish.
  • If the local wiki configuration allows to, users can publish translations anonymously.
  • If the local wiki configuration allows to, users can override existing translations when publishing anonymously.
  • If an anonymous user tries to leave the translation, a reminder to log-in (or keep the URL) is given to avoid the translation to get lost.
  • Users can get a list of anonymous translations, and join them later (so that they appear in their dashboard).

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