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GSoC'15 Proposal for Unified language proofing tools integration framework
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This is a GSoc project proposal for adding language proofing support in VisualEditor.

Name and contact information

Name: Pratik Saxena
Timezone: Kolkata, UTC+5:30
Typical working hours: 4 pm to 2 am (weekdays), 10 am to 8 pm (weekends)
IRC Nick: pratikbsp on Freenode ( Channels: MediaWiki-General, #mediawiki-visualeditor )
Other contact details: pratikbsp on mediawiki
Possible mentors: Amir Aharoni (@Amire80), @eranroz

Why this project:-

Wikipedia is expanding day by day as new people are using it as a knowledge tool.Quality of content in wikipedia is decreasing as due to lack of knowledge of language used by users.Hence there is essential need of adding support for such language proofing so that quality of content can be improved.This project aims towards such integration of support in mediawiki by using languagetool.

About project :-

This project aims to implement language proofreading in visualeditor by using an external language proofreading software LanguageTool. As an user enters text in visualeditor, it will be sent to languagetool server and based on response received from it ,user will be shown a message about errors they have made.Below attached prototype shows a rough idea about implementation of project.Check Text option will be available in the toolbar which can be turned off and on.A suggestion box will be added in the bottom of visualeditor in which response received from languagetool server wiil be shown.

proposal.jpg (341×1 px, 95 KB)


Task 1-
Setting up environment and basic infrastructure
Adding support for languagetool server within mediawiki

For this i have already tested languagetool locally which is primary step towards integration in mediawiki and it is working fine and producing error in language if found any. I have also tested extraction of useful text from xml response received from languagetoolserver using javascript locally.

Task 2-
Adding support within visualeditor to extract input text given by user
Querying extracted text to languagetool server
Processing XML response and showing it in the form of suggestion

Task 3-
Adding a button in visualeditor toolbar

Project Schedule:-

This schedule enlists completion of all tasks listed above.

DeadlinesTasks to be completed
16/05/15-19/05/15Setting up environment and basic infrastructure
20/05/15-05/06/15Adding support for languagetool server in mediawiki
06/06/15-16/06/15Adding support for extraction of input
17/06/15-28/06/15Querying extracted text to languagetool server
29/06/15-30/06/15Mid term evaluation
01/07/15-10/07/15Processing xml response received from languagetool
11/07/15-20/07/15Showing response received at bottom of visualeditor
16/08/15-05/08/15Adding a button in visualeditor toolbar
06/08/15-12/08/15Testing of code and checking for bugs
13/08/15-18/08/15Fixing of bugs (if any)
22/08/15Final report submission

About me :-

I am Pratik, 21 year old, from Dhanbad ,India currently in 3rd year pursuing Mining engineering from Indian School of Mines,Dhanabd.I am a proud member of FOSS club in my college and have keen interest in open source projects.I love the idea of free and open knowledge for all and this is what drives me towards Wikimedia and its projects.It feels good through which everyone is benefited.

Skills required for the project:-

I have coding experience in Javascript ,PHP,which are prerequisite for the project and I'm very much comfortable with AJAX and JAVA which will be used for integration of languagetool. .


Being an active and interactive member of MediaWiki-General,#mediawiki-visualeditor irc channels I never hesitate to ask questions.I will be regularly in contact with mentors and try to achieve maximum in given period. Furthermore,I'll write weekly/monthly reports on MediaWiki itself to keep the community updated about the project.

Past experience and Microtask performed:-

I have recently started working with mediawiki hence this is my first experience,but I have got keen interest during working with it.

  1. Gerrit Changes:-Delete row coloumn:-Delete row/Delete column messages using plural
  2. Github:-Support for Hindi:-Added support for Hindi in languagetool.

I have also setup languagetool locally and have extracted xml response received from languagetool server for showing it to the user in form of suggestion

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Hi, thanks for your application.
Did you intentionally mention Outreachy in the task title and are you eligible for it, or are you just applying for Summer of Code? (Please edit the task title accordingly if you only apply for GSoC.)

Also, please see for drafting your application as there's quite some information missing. Thanks. :)

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@Aklapper, I have completed it, does it matches all required information?

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