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How many active editors are using VisualEditor at large Wikipedias?
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Here's something that I'd like to know, updated periodically (once a month? few times a year?):

How many registered editors at the larger Wikipedias are using VisualEditor?

Ways of answering this question might include:

  • At en, de, es, and nl: How many currently active editors have opted in via Beta Features? (The cumulative number of people opted in is published, but it includes some people who made one edit in 2013 and have never come back.)
  • At each of the top 10 Wikipedias, how many registered editors actually saved an edit in VisualEditor during the last month (or quarter?)?
  • What percentage of currently active registered editors at each Wikipedia saved an edit in VisualEditor (Ever? Last quarter? Last month? I think that "last month" might be the most relevant choice for a product that is still in active development.)
  • Bonus points: It might also be interesting to sub-divide those overall numbers according to some set of normal categories about user experience, e.g., percentage for new accounts vs percentage for autoconfirmed or admins or people with >1,000 edits.

I'm not looking for hourly or daily metrics, which are available at I want something that feels more like "X% of editors in this community have used VisualEditor recently enough to know what it's like" or "In the month before ____ happened, 3% of registered editors used it, and in the month afterwards, 4% did."

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I kind of think Analytics should do this. I can run some basic queries, but really they should take a look...

Given "____" above you probably need to be more precise in your request. Again, ask a research question orr suggest a specific methodology; providing six example methodologies and use cases confuses things.

Oliver, my research question is "How many registered editors at the larger Wikipedias are using VisualEditor?". I want this to be an ongoing task, so that whatever "____" is or whenever it happens, I can answer that question.

Okay, then let's say: distinct usernames on each project with a VisualEditor edit in the last 30 days?

Okay, then let's say: distinct usernames on each project with a VisualEditor edit in the last 30 days?

@WhatamIdoing ^

Count of distinct logged-in users on each wiki who have made VE edits in the last 30 days, by wiki. It's all wikis, not large wikis specifically, but it's sorted by number of editors who meet the threshold and I can subset if you'd like.

In case someone is wondering, the total is 35651. I'll admit I'm a bit teary eyed.

EDIT: as per Oliver's comment below, I'm aware that number doesn't mean 35651 distinct accounts - if you VEdited on more projects, you'd be on both counts. I just don't think the number of people who use VE on more than one project is particularly high, and learning more about this should deserve a task of its own.

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Well, it's not de-duplicated, remember!

Is it possible to have this set up as a regular/automatic job, or do I need to ask again each time?

Oh, absolutely! You should pass that to the Visual Editor team's Data Analyst.

Whoever is going to take care of this in the future, it would be useful to have percentages.
I could use Special:Statistics to find out how many active users we had in the last 30 days at each wiki, but the value wouldn't exactly match with the data available when the query was run, if I didn't retrieve it on the same day (I think).

Linking to T90641 (it's mainly for my sanity).