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Translate wiki translations to be deployed -sk, lv, ro
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These have been committed into DonationInterface (by Translation updater bot) but still need to be deployed to the sites.

In case it's helpful, these are the tags that have had languages added:

MediaWiki:Donate interface-cc-form-header-personal/lv
MediaWiki:Donate interface-donate-click/lv
MediaWiki:Donate interface-problemsdonating/lv
MediaWiki:Donate interface-tax-info/lv

MediaWiki:Donate interface-faqs/sk
MediaWiki:Donate interface-tax-info/sk

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I've deployed to payments, but I'm letting donatewiki changes go out with the train (Tuesday, May 5 I think).

Let's also leave this one open until @jrobell confirms next week. Thanks @awight!

Pcoombe claimed this task.

Just checked, this looks good now. Thanks!

Looks like these changes are in 1.26wmf5, not 1.26wmf4, so they'll go out to DonateWiki on Tuesday the 12th.