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Make "Email me when a page or file on my watchlist is changed" findable
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The option "Email me when a page or file on my watchlist is changed" is hidden in a location that might have been logical to put it 10 years ago, but now isn't any more.

I wanted to enable email notification on some WMF wiki. I don't usually use that so I had to look

  • I first looked at notifications. Lot's of stuff about notifications, also email options, but no option to enable watchlist notifications
  • Second I looked under the watchlist tab. Plenty of boxes to tick, but no email box
  • Third I clicked on the first tab ("user profile") to just go through all the tabs one by one. Luckily I found the option there

This isn't a very nice user interface experience. I don't have a ready made solution. I see two directions:

  • Move the box somewhere else
  • Duplicate the same option on multiple locations so users can find it in multiple ways

Probably best to have the user interface people have a look at this.

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@Multichill Possibly a duplicate of T65577: Create a "Watching and notifications" tab in MediaWiki core and/or T54337: Move email notification for watched pages into Echo ? (As noted in the former, one difficulty is that Echo is an optional extension, whereas this feature (enotifwatchlist) is part of core...)