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Remove upload interface code from MobileFrontend
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mediawiki/extensions/MobileFrontend : masterRemove uploads

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Change 210084 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jdlrobson):
Remove uploads

Before we remove all the mobile-specific uploading code, I think we should make Special:Upload usable as an alternative. It's already basically functional, but there are a couple things that need to be fixed before it's ready for prime-time:

  • The desktop version has some Javascript that runs once the file is selected. This Javascript fills in the 'destination filename' field, generates a thumbnail of the image, and also checks to see if the file already exists on the wiki. This Javascript doesn't run in the mobile version.
  • The styling in the form needs to be cleaned up a little, mostly just adding some margins here and there.

Special:Upload is perfectly suitable in current form for 3rd parties.

Special: Upload is styled fine on standard mediawiki but seems to need some work on enwiki (how is the footer created ?)

I should add in case it's not clear that I have no intention of linking to Special:Upload from anywhere from mobile on wikimedia hosted sites because 1) that decision sits with Trevor's editing team and 2) I'm not prepared for another round of selfiepocalypse.

Thus, I don't think this blocks removing the code. Please do create bugs for the issues you highlight however so the editing team can prioritise them accordingly.

Note: with respect to the JS we shouldn't rely on JavaScript for this sort of thing. I seem to remember a bug about this. Didn't that get fixed?

Created a new ticket for fixing up Special:Upload: T99003

Change 210084 merged by jenkins-bot:
Remove uploads

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This is now Done-with-a-D since 210084 has been merged. We should work on T99003 ASAP.