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[RFC] How to track description usage
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We could track descriptions as:

  • "other" usage. This will trigger a lot of unnecessary purges
  • "label" usage. Will trigger some unnecessary purges when descriptions are changed but not used. We assume that descriptions are usually not used without the label;
  • separate "description" usage. Needs separate handling in several places.

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separate "description" usage. Needs separate handling in several places.


Tracking it as other usage causes a lot of purges, tracking it with label usage also means we need to do way more purges than needed (especially given that labels tend to be used *a lot* (we have a lot of cases with over 10k inclusions)).

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Is this still relevant?

Sadly we didn't really decide anything… I still think we should chose the fine-grained strategy and track them separately.

@Lydia_Pintscher this is actually relevant to the issue of description being (or no longer being) shown by the mobile app. @CKoerner_WMF emailed us about that, remember?

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I talked with Lydia about this today and I'm being bold here: We concluded that we want a new usage aspect for descriptions, especially in the face of T173144: Tracking implicit (extensions) usages of Wikidata.