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Increase width of inspectors on desktop
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This is a small design request. If we increase the width (from 300px to 400px) of link inspector, it will have better breathing room for internal/external tabs and the search widget.

width.png (488×1 px, 67 KB)

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Are we running out of space in many examples? At 400 there's a lot of whitespace...

Let's get some screengrab of a handful of real world examples, to see the balance between whitespace and truncation.

Followup Q from triage: Is the title accurate, or should it be "Increase width of link inspector on desktop"?

Let's make sure we get the balance right. There will always be links that don't fit, but we shouldn't design around edge cases. Reiterate my call for real world screenshots/research.

@Esanders I think it's not a big deal. to my eyes the link inspector is cramped and it's a very basic thing to have good enough white space. I can spend time on it to prove this is a qualitative improvement but i don't understand the resistance for it? can you tell me what is the downside of increasing width from 300px to 400px?

Also the value of whitespace is something i can't put in words :)

Change 232876 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jforrester):
Increase width of desktop context, inspectors to 400px

Clearly there is such a thing as too much, so we need to find a balance. I think in the example in the description there is already enough space. Looking through links on a rando article, most titles take up much less than 50% of the textbox. I'm sure you can find examples where 300 is not enough, but also where 400 is not enough.

Not also that the context is 300px, so this will result in a jump when you hit edit.

Change 232876 merged by jenkins-bot:
Increase width of desktop context, inspectors to 400px