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Conflict between user preferences for emails and user preferences for notifications via email
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On Mediawikiwiki, I have selected the user preference "Email me when a page or file on my watchlist is changed" (enotifwatchlistpages); this normally generates a single email for the first change that is made and no further emails are sent until I log in and view the page. When Flow was attached to Notifications, it generated (and still generates, I understand) an email each time there is any kind of edit to a watched Flow topic or Flow board; in order to stop having my inbox flooded (in some cases with multiple emails for a single post), I pulled the plug on the Notifications email for Flow.

I still expect to receive an email the *first* time my watched Flow-enabled boards/topics are edited (based on the basic preference), even when having the notification email (which gives a message for every single edit) turned off. Can this conflict be resolved? Alternately, can the Notifications emails adopt the behaviour of the general user preference emails (i.e., only one email without additional ones until the user logs in and views the page/board/topic)?

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See also T100528: Improve organization and control for Flow notifications (tracking + ideas) which will be part of the deep-dive into giving editors vastly more control over notifications.
and T100650: Learn about use of notifications

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