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Fix RESTBase support for
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Wikitech does not work in RB yet. Main reasons:

  • it does not share the same Varnish config, so doesn't pick up the /api/rest_v1/ entry point
  • the wikitech code does not live on the main app server cluster, which causes even the requests at to fail, as those are using the app server LVS IP directly, without going through the Varnish layer

To fix this, we'll have to

  1. add the /api/rest_v1/ entry point in Varnish, and
  2. use the Varnish cluster or a different LVS IP for API requests for wikitech

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Wikitech doesn't even have a varnish layer. It's basically like an independent MediaWiki installation for many purposes, it's not really one of our set of production wikis in any normal sense of clustering or entrypoints (and this is intentional for a variety of reasons).

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@BBlack, do you think it is feasible / advisable to add a /api/rest_v1/ rewrite in the wikitech nginx config?

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Closing in favour of T237773. There is no particular need for it on its own, but the inconsistency will naturally be resolved by T237773.