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Configure WikiLabels as a MediaWiki gadget
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@He7d3r, do you think we are ready to try getting consensus yet? If not, what conditions do you think we need before we try?

I don't know. I have the feeling that although there are a few users who tried the system at least once (e.g. 15 coders on ptwiki, 32 on enwiki), half of them might not be using the script, so we would be proposing the addition of a new item on Special:Preferences which:

  • would not be used by most of registered users (this would be a bigger problem on enwiki than ptwiki, I think)
  • the users who are using it through their common.js/global.js will notice just a small benefit (and nonetheless they will have the "trouble" of removing from their .js the line which imports wikilabels, and then enable the gadget so that the gadget's code loads wikilabels)
  • would mean we don't have any way to track who enabled the tool (T35355 / T21288)
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Declined per T124354. There is no consensus for this change yet. Please reopen the task if consensus reached.

Right now, we want to enable this as a gadget on 50+ wikis. It sounds painful to need to find an admin in each wiki to do that. @Legoktm & @Krinkle, is there a better way to enable a gadget across many different wikis? Or maybe it would be best if we could get this to the point where it is an extension and enabled as a beta feature across many wikis instead. What do you think?

@Mooeypoo & @Catrope looked at WikiLabels and they suggest that we move away from the gadget pattern and towards a stand-alone wmflabs tool. If so, that'll render this task invalid.