Content of templates, syntaxhighlight, etc. blocks not found by VisualEditor's Search
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Thryduulf's steps to reproduce:

  1. Open any page that has text generated by templates (e.g. [[Indo-Bangladesh enclaves]] or [[Bowstring]] at en.wp)
  2. Use your browser's find in page function (usually Ctrl+F on a PC) to find text produced by that template (e.g. "acres" or "citation") and count the number of results (e.g. 10 or 1)
  3. Load the page in VE
  4. Use the find function in VE (Ctrl+F on a PC) to repeat the search and count the results (0 in both examples).
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This bug isn't going to move any time soon because there are lots of complications around templates being just generated content from wikitext parameters. There would be no reliable way to do replace, and as rendered template content is uneditable and not part of the model, we can't highlight it in search either.

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