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Provide Latin-Devanagari-Kannada language converter for Goan Konkani
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Provided transliterations here are different from the result of konkanverter.

I have created a project page for this task. Please take a look at it.

Unfortunately, Konkanverter doesn't work properly for Devanagari-Latin, but it's pretty good in Latin-Devanagari. Konkanverter was developed primarily for Devanagari-Kannada-Devanagari, and I believe it does a good job of that.

I suggest that we start afresh from the orthography table on the project page, and then refine it as we go along.

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Devanagari-Kannada will be easy to implement, because there is a one-one correspondence for all characters between Devanagari and Kannada

There is no Kannada sublocale, so that's technically impossible now. If you want one, you'll need translators.

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It seems like Goan Konkani Wikipedia has both Maharashtrian Konkani (knn) and Goan Konkani (gom), and has supposed to use kok ISO code.

There are a lot of conflicts between convertor results provide by users and konkanverter.

Pending respond:

  • Everything that's in the Goan Konkani Wikipedia ( is Goan Konkani with the language code gom. Maharashtrian Konkani (knn) is a different group of dialects.
  • I think that creating this converter is not going to be a cakewalk or a quick-fix, it will be a drawn-out process as we will have to keep refining it