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server for wikimania video transcoding
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-copying in from email on ops list-
Hi Ops,

We're planning to take all the videos from Wikimania and transcode them to webm.

We need a physical server with ~4-5 terabytes disk space -- apparently this can't be done in Labs due to capacity issues, unlike last year. Yuvi probably has more details. :) Can we ask for your help?

Thank you so much!

Katherine Maher
Chief Communications Officer
Wikimedia Foundation
149 New Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

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A spare system with this much space is available, in that I have a spare R510 @ eqiad that could be used. (It has 12*2tb disks, so it should be the best option to accomadate this use request.

As this would simply be used during the transcoding, and final storage would be elsewhere (need to clarify this with @Katherine-WMF), the use will be temporary.

Also for @Katherine-WMF, will these be shipped to us on an external hard disk? (Or a normal hard disk, we have external disk bays we can attach them to.) This is typically far easier than attempting to upload them.

@yuvipanda: if you know the answer to the above questions, please let me know.

This is the ticket from last year. -> T84465 which is still stalled. (and T84439, T84467)

problems were:

("Commons can't take files over 5GB (IIRC), and it won't take MP4 either...)

regarding the usage, is temp space for transcoding.
as for the actual way of getting the drive, i'd like @VictorGrigas to comment.

Task T106563 is for the installation of this host.

Please use T106565 for ongoing discussion on the technical implications of the actual video import (since this is the server request tas ;)