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CX2: Suggest parent categories for those not available in target Wiki
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Gujarati Wikipedia (for example) has not all categories like English Wikipedia. If user is translating article about French Actor, the "French Actors" category won't be adapted as it isn't available in Gujarati Wikipedia. But, parent category of French Actors, Actors is available.

This was requested in this comment from Gujarati Wikipedia

Proposed solution

Considering that version 2 of Content Translation allows users to add any category (T188615), we can extend the auto-complete suggestions to show parent categories for those categories that could not be adapted (only if those parent categories have a corresponding category in the target wiki and it has not been already added to the article).

This process will be done only for one level (i.e., not recursively) to keep things simple. So in the case that parent categories cannot be adapted, we won't explore their parent categories further.

With this approach, it is easy for users to enrich the classification of their translations while still keeping the control on what gets added automatically and why.

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This seems easier to be supported in the next version of CX, so I adjusted the description accordingly.

With the new version of Content Translation we improved the category support users can add any category they want to, which provides a path forward for cases where the initial mapping was not the best. Ideally, we could make the category mapping more advanced but I think there are other aspects more central to the translation process to be improved.