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Wrap-up report for "An enhanced cross-wiki watchlist"
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Project description is a cross-wiki watchlist for all WikiMedia wikis. The goal of the project is to help editors who are active in several wikis to monitor changes and generally to provide a better watchlist for all editors. Among other things, crosswatch includes cross-wiki notifications, dynamic filtering and the ability to show diffs for edits.

As an external tool which uses OAuth to retrieve the watchlists on behalf of the user, it doesn't have the same constraints as MediaWiki and can experiment with the design and functionality of a watchlist without breaking existing workflows or code. It's design is much more similar to the mobile watchlist than classical MediaWiki watchlist layout, there is however an option to use the traditional layout. Crosswatch can show a unified watchlist for all wikis or a watchlist subdivided into wikis.

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One of the predominant features which users used to the MediaWiki watchlist will notice is the native support to show a diff for an edit. The diff will be shown if the user clicks on a watchlist entry or automatically if specific criteria are met. Currently, automatic diffs are show if the edit is unreviewed (for wikis wich use the FlaggedRevs extension), or if ORES predicts a revert.

Missing features and known bugs
See crosswatch for a full list of missing features and known bugs. To list a few features which the MediaWiki has but crosswatch hasn't:

There are also many feature wishes for crosswatch, a limited selection:

Weblink :
Resource links: Documentation on Meta, source code

I want thank my mentors @yuvipanda and @Legoktm for helping me throughout the project. Special thanks to @KasiaWMDE and @Bmueller for helping to spread the word and making crosswatch better known.