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Spike: Release first version of QuickSurveys
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  • Devs should get together and decide what the minimum is that needs to be done before performing a first release.
  • Dev branch should be merged into master with an stable version of the survey.
  • Add a changelog when merged, with a release number and list the features of the version.

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Specified description, set priority, moved to next sprint since this one is over and this is unplanned work.

@Jdlrobson Merge to master when the feature is usable enough to call it a version number :)

Jdlrobson renamed this task from Release first version of QuickSurveys to Spike: Release first version of QuickSurveys.Sep 2 2015, 4:43 PM

@phuedx had these discussions points in T110194

  • No unit tests.
  • ext.quicksurveys.init/init.js uses jQuery to construct a potentially unnecessary DOM element,
  • Discussion of the oojs ui template view approach in general
  • Defer loading of ext.quicksurveys.views might not be necessary.

Thoughts around this:
unit tests: Given we are just displaying stuff, a lack of unit tests kinda makes sense. None of the code concerns me based on the assumption that oojs ui has lots of test coverage. It feels like browser tests are sufficient.
On PHP side SurveyFactory seems the only complicated thing there and that has unit tests.

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Team discussed this and decided in current form we are happy to do a release. This will be tracked in T110199