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Phab user @Sargoth cannot log in (invalid email address)
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@Sargoth sent an email (via @Varnent) that @Sargoth cannot log in to their (unverified) account on Phabricator, and cannot verify as the email address cannot be accessed:

There is no button "change e-mail", only verify e-mail. But the mail address is wrong. :(

Phab admins to delete or manually change Sargoth’s account.

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I can change the email address, but I need to know what email address to change it to.

@mmodell I just forwarded you an email with the correct email address in it.

For reference - this is also being discussed on Meta-Wiki.

User needs to access Phabricator to sign L9. Regards.

mmodell claimed this task.

@Sargoth is reporting that the account is now working. Thank you @mmodell!

Yes everything's fine now. Thanks again.

Does @Ukexpat need a separate ticket?

I'm waiting for confirmation via email about which address to use and verifying the issue. I can create a ticket once I have that email and send the address to @mmodell

@Krenair, @vernent: thanks. I'm going to try to figure out a long term solution to this problem because it sure seems to be happening regularly.