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[Story] clearer edit summaries for connected items
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As a user I want to be able to read useful edit summaries on the client watchlist and recent changes coming from Wikidata. It should be clear what an edit is doing and why it shows up on my watchlist.

Example: I am watching the article about Berlin, Germany and Europe. The articles about Berlin and Europe make use of data from the item about Germany. In my client watchlist I should see the following summary:

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To do this, the formatter needs to know:

  1. item labels (with language fallback) and
  2. connected items for pages (from page_props or wb_items_per_site)

Queries for this information should be batched in a pre-loading step.

This problem was one of the complaints about Wikidata in the watchlist, when people discussed wikidata descriptions usage on mobile for english wikipedia.

ping @JKatzWMF

@TheDJ Thanks for the ping. I'll add it to the list of remedies. ;)