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Impossible to mark a new topic as patrolled
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I've forgotten if we support new page patrolling or not. Elena, can you figure out if we supported this in the past? And if it's only broken on frwiktionary, or everywhere?

Checked in

  • there are some discrepancies in use of 'Mark this page as patrolled' option. Filed as T115043 'Patrolling: Discrepancies in displaying 'Mark this page as patrolled' option'
  • For frwiktionary: to patrol new topics - clicking on a timestamps in Recent changes should work. @Trizek-WMF- please confirm whether it works for you or not.
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(Lucky you I was searching for something: the mention didn't work)
I get the same feedback from zh.wp. I ask both communities.

I've tried on French Wikipedia, where I can patrolled, but I haven't seen any option, neither in RCs or history page.

frwiktionary does not have access to this.

There is some usability issues with marking a Flow topic as patrolled from RC page. It was correctly described in feedback

I was able to validate the diff, but not the creations, even through the history tab instead of RC.

I re-checked T115043: Patrolling: Discrepancies in displaying 'Mark this page as patrolled' option in wmf.18 and summarized the findings on that ticket. Since T115043 includes this task as a specific case, I am merging it to T115043.

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