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Edit patrol - Flow issues (tracking)
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If the preference "Group changes by page in recent changes and watchlist" is enabled, then all Flow edits get the red exclamation mark indicating "unpatrolled".

(See screenshot, where Quiddity's edit to the "Loveless" topic should have been marked as patrolled, as it was in the Project:Sandbox)

If that preference is turned off, then no Flow edits get marked as needing patrol. (All edits by editors who are not in a group that is "autopatrolled", should be marked as needing patrol, if a wiki is configured to use that.)

See mw:Help:Patrolled edits for details.

To know whether a page should show the 'Mark as patrolled' link, we need to store a mapping between the Flow revision and the RC table (the RC table currently points to the Flow revision, but not in a way that can be queried).

(Forked from T72513 - On trello at

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In the English Wikipedia RC patrol is not used, but it is used a lot in the Hebrew Wikipedia and in many other projects (go to and search for "wgUseRCPatrol").

People are complaining about it that edits to Flow board that should appear as auto-patrolled are not, so this is becoming important.

Ah, I came to file a bug about this and I'm happy (sort of) ;) that it already exists. This is a problem in as well:

Screenshot_from_2015-03-27_09:43:28.png (900×1 px, 239 KB)

Two of the three "!" in the screenshot are false shots.

Patrolling is important in, and I bet in small wikis in general, where you cannot assume that 'someone else has watched that diff before me'. Seeing the "!" in my watchlist or not, frequently marks a difference between checking that diff right now or maybe later. If the watchlist entry marks only one edit from an editor I know then fine, but luckily we are in a situation where it is possible not to know all the autopatroled users. :)

Finding that there is nothing to patrol is between slightly annoying (like Peter crying again 'the wolf!') and deceptive (in small wikis you get excited when newcomers / occasional editors are commenting in discussion pages).

Cool, thanks for bringing it up... We'll talk about it for the next sprint.

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