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Flow "mark as patrolled" links don't work (claims "Session failure")
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  2. Click "prev" on the latest revision. Goes to

  1. (Logged-in with the proper user rights) Click "Mark as patrolled" link. Goes to

Results in page claiming "Session failure" which isn't true.

Looks like this got broken as part of AJAX refactoring around tokens.

  • We no longer output tokens in the fallback html since we don't need them in most cases, expensive to compute, and we don't allow write actions on GET anymore.
  • Fallback of displaying a form that POSTs with token (similar to purge) is missing.
  • Main workflow (AJAX via API) isn't working on this page for some reason.

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Re-checked in betalabs cawiki (and also just general testing for patrolling) - could not reproduce.

The tested scenario - I tried to stick as close as possible to the ticket description:

  • in betalabs cawiki find a page that was converted from LQT to Flow (e.g. Talk:ET8)
  • from a Board description delete the template {{Pàgina de discussió en wikitext convertida a Flow|archive=Ajuda Discussió:ET17/Archive 1|date=2015-06-21}}
  • as a user with patrolling rights, go to 'View history' and click on 'prev' for that change
  • a compare-header-revisions&header_newRevision page will be displayed; 'Mark as patrolled' links will be displayed
  • click on 'Mark as patrolled' link - the change will be marked as patrolled.

Thanks for merging in the duplicates, could not find the correct task but suspected there must be one. :)

SBisson added a subscriber: SBisson.

Any patch or ticket related to the "AJAX refactoring around tokens" that I could look at? Thanks.

Change 301868 had a related patch set uploaded (by Sbisson):
[WIP] Fix patrolling links

Change 301868 merged by jenkins-bot:
Fix patrolling links

Checked in betalabs 1.28.0-alpha (2c35abe) - patrolling is enabled only cawiki( via Recent changes).


Note: The confirmation sliding popup displays a cryptic topic title, not the actual topic title. Per @Catrope, the issue is outside of the scope of the ticket.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 1.30.17 PM.png (154×318 px, 19 KB)