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Patrolling: Discrepancies in displaying 'Mark this page as patrolled' option
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After investigating T114859 Impossible to mark a new topic as patrolled

Checked in

  1. As a user who needs to be patrolled create

a) a new page (not Flow) - Mavetuna2
b) add a new topic to an existing Flow board - New topic created by ET34 to be patrolled on Discussió:ET1
c) leave a post on other user's User talk page - Usuari Discussió:Etonkovidova‎‎ (2 changes | history)

2 . These above changes will be displayed in Recent changes as needed to be patrolled.

  1. A user with patrolling rights to 'Mark this page as patrolled' for

a) a new page - just click on the page title; The timestamp is not clickable.

b) a new topic to an existing Flow board - you should click on the timestamp in Recent changes. Clicking on the topic title or diff won't display 'Mark this page as patrolled'

c) a post on other user's User talk page - should click on cur|prev or '2 changes' in history entries. Clicking on the title or the timestamp (which is clickable) won't display 'Mark this page as patrolled' .

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@Jdforrester-WMF could you take a look at this and suggest which of these inconsistencies we should remedy, and how?

Re-checked in wmf.18 - the discrepancies are still present:

On RC page a user should click on a different links for the entry marked with point, which is annoying but it's a minor issue.

To summarize: to get 'Mark as patrolled' link from RC

  • for a new page, a title should be clicked
  • for a update on a User talk page (not Flow based), 'diff' should be clicked
  • for a new topic on a Flow page, a timestamp link should be clicked (and only a timestamp should be clicked).
  • for a new post on a Flow page, nothing can bring 'Mark as patrolled' link', although it is indicated as a subject of patrolling.
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