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Uppercase one-letter interwiki prefixes
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Recently I see an increasing amount of uppercase one-letter interwiki prefixes, such as [[W:Title]]. Most of them seem to come from VisualEditor edits, e.g.

I suspect Parsoid is normalising such wikilinks to uppercase, because most people use lowercase for interwiki prefixes (except sometimes the rare CamelCase ones).

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It would be good to get steps to reproduce this, if possible. Not sure what is causing the w:/W: iwp to be used instead of say, :en: as below.

[subbu@earth tests] echo "<a href=''>Hampi</a>" | node parse --html2wt --prefix mediawikiwiki
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This happens when you enter a link via the inspector in VisualEditor (ie. you highlight some text, open the link dialog and enter w:Title). Multi-letter prefixes are capitalized as well.

Most of the time such links won't work anyway due to T133535.

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