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(Experimentally) Reimplement Vector using flexbox layout
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After the wgVectorResponsive, i'm wondering if it would not be worthwhile to reimplement Vector using flex box techniques...

We are probably gonna be stuck with Vector for quite some while, and knowing how a flex box vector would look like, will give use better understanding if it is possible to move this into the future etc.. etc.. etc.

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IIRC there were -- and are -- issues with flexbox in modern versions of Internet Explorer; CC'ing @Isarra, as she has more experience with that stuff than I do.

We have flexbox mixins in core for IE10-11, and all modern browsers. But while the mixins support all three specs, there are (still used) browsers that don't support any of them, IE9- in particular.

That being said, this can potentially be worked around by just using floats and crap as a fallback for whichever of those we actually want to support. They'll lose the responsiveness and stuff, but odds are these aren't going to need it that much anyway.

What about having something like it is still vector but looks a lot nicer and modern. And it also uses flexbox.

  1. Do we need to care about the compatibility with third party modifications of Vector? There are 450 skins of Wikipedia on this site link, If we make breaking changes to the Vector, they will all break.
  1. Is forking out a new skin from vector a good idea?

We're using flex box in some places inside, closing this ticket as I don't see anything actionable here.