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CentralNotice: banners configured to show on desktop devices only should 'never' show on mobile devices.
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e.g.: When you visit the desktop version of with your mobile device you see the currently configured desktop banner. Instead

A: A banner configured to be shown on mobile devices should show.
B: No banner should show.

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If someone forces the desktop environment then I don't see why we wouldn't show the associated desktop banner? Surely forcing the mobile banner in a desktop environment would be a more jarring experience?

The desktop banners may be too large for mobile devices or may have other usability issues on smaller devices. I agree that "A" is not an option, mobile banners wouldn't "just work" in the desktop interface.

The checkboxes are labelled "desktop", "android", "iOS" and so on. This actually seems it's more about the device somebody is using, not about the layout. If I view the mobile version with a desktop device, the mobile banners won't be shown, either.

A bit about how this works under the hood:

  • Everyone on the desktop site is considered to be on "desktop", for CentralNotice targeting purposes.
  • Only on the mobile site, we peek at the UA string and categorize users as "android", "ipad", "iphone" or "unknown".

Could you specify how you're forcing the desktop site on mobile? If the browser is sending a desktop UA string, this may be hard to detect...

Also, could you provide a few more details (or maybe a screenshot) of what happens with desktop banners on your device? Maybe a workaround would be changes to, and also maybe design guidelines for, desktop banners, so they don't break on narrower or touch-enabled devices?

I imagine a significant case we might address is medium-sized or even large touch-screen devices... Is that a relevant use case here?

Thanks!!! :D

Mmmm also just to note: mobile banners aren't usually tested, and may not work, on the desktop site. For example, this mobile banner appears below content on the desktop site.

I don't think we should change this, except maybe change the "desktop" label to "desktop site" to make things clearer.

Users should generally aim to make desktop site banners suitable for small screens too. If that's not possible they can include a media query in the banner to hide it on small screens.