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Consider Video.js for Wikispeech
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MediaWiki will likely move over to video.js per T100106.

Make sure Wikispeech uses this if possible.

Goal of the task is to figure out if this is possible, or when it will be possible and set up the resulting follow up tasks.

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It would probably be good to use a common instance of videojs to avoid duplicate loading, support file type alternates (such as the ogg shim for Safari, Edge, and IE), and generally use a consistent player style.

Could either make TimedMediaHandler a dependency, or break things out to a common library of some kind.

I'll see if I can make the functions of the video.js loader public, so that other loaders can reuse parts of it. That seems like the most logical strategy to me.

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@TheDJ: If we build the extension to make use of TMH, how significant would the needed changes be on our end when that switches over from Kaltura to video.js?

Wondering since we are currently using the HTML5 player for our testing purposes.

@Sebastian_Berlin-WMSE depends on how many things other than "play audio" you want to do. The more interactions with the kaltura player you make, the more you probably need to rewrite. Video.js however fully mirrors the HTML5 <video> element api.

Note that you can already use the video.js player, by setting config variable wgTmhWebPlayer = 'videojs'

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Many thanks for the feedback.

Implementation has been broken out into T142562.