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VisualEditor/SyntaxHighlight/CodeEditor loads missing /w/worker-css.js file
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When I want to edit a CSS code block in VisualEditor (for example, see "Styling"), my browser attempts to load a missing file.

I don't know which extension is the culprit, feel free to edit the task as needed.


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mediawiki/extensions/VisualEditor : masterMWAceEditorWidget: Configure Ace with its base path

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Actually, this seems to be the same as T118895.

Which stated: "no longer happens", but it doesn't seem any changes were made, and I suspect the issue is still there. (but if you run CodeEditor BEFORE running the visualeditor, the code editor might have already loaded the worker class, so in that case it probably won't show.

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Tagging with VisualEditor to keep track of this.

Still reproducible:

  2. Double-click the code area under heading "Styling"

Network panel shows an outgoing request to which is then aborted by the code that made the request before it completes.
Still reproducible:

  2. Double-click the code area under heading "Styling"

Network panel shows an outgoing request to which is then aborted by the code that made the request before it completes.

Request trace:

WorkerClient	@	load.php?modules=ext.codeEditor.ace|ext.codeEditor.ace.modes:773
createWorker	@	load.php?modules=ext.codeEditor.ace|ext.codeEditor.ace.modes:1911
$startWorker	@	load.php?modules=ext.codeEditor.ace|ext.codeEditor.ace.modes:222
$onChangeMode	@	load.php?modules=ext.codeEditor.ace|ext.codeEditor.ace.modes:222
(anonymous function)	@	load.php?modules=ext.codeEditor.ace|ext.codeEditor.ace.modes:221
exports.loadModule	@	load.php?modules=ext.codeEditor.ace|ext.codeEditor.ace.modes:82
setMode	@	load.php?modules=ext.codeEditor.ace|ext.codeEditor.ace.modes:221
(anonymous function)	@	VM87:283
execute	@	load.php:163
implement	@	load.php
(anonymous function)	@	load.php?modules=ext.codeEditor.ace|ext.codeEditor.ace.modes
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Doesn't this request come from ace, the editing software used by CodeEditor?

(It's modules/ace/worker-css.js under the CodeEditor repository)

(It's modules/ace/worker-css.js under the CodeEditor repository)

Do we have a broken or mis-matched version where it's looking for the file but we don't have it?

We certainly don't have the file in the location that it's looking for it in... We do have the file in our repository though. It's most likely a compatibility issue between Ace's code and ResourceLoader, but I'm not familiar enough with Ace's structure to understand exactly what's going on... The fact that it aborts the request makes me suspect it's not a big deal.

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I already identified the cause for this in the earlier linked to ticket:

This is because the ACE editor was not correctly initialized. Please see first part of the function setupCodeEditor() in jquery.codeEditor.js.
Only some of the files for ACE are ResourceLoader modules, but many are actually directly loaded from the base path (this was more efficient).

You need to at least pass the right basePath when starting ace, so that ACE can dynamically load such additional files.

I also note that apparently the setLanguage function does not actively load a language module before setting the mode. I don't think ACE does on the fly module loading for languages for which the module is not yet loaded, so I suspect the editor might not work for more esoteric language that are not present in the RL modules. It seems that this should autoload these days. Example

The fact that it aborts the request makes me suspect it's not a big deal.

True, this file is an optional dependency (also the reason why here it DOES do on the fly module loading) for CSS validation.

Change 309288 had a related patch set uploaded (by TheDJ):
[Untested] Configure Ace with it's base path

TheDJ added a comment.Sep 8 2016, 12:26 PM

I've added the start of a patch to configure the base path, but I don't have anything setup for VE on my machines, so i haven't tested.

Also I note that the style module ext.pygments is not loaded, which we could probably do on the fly when we close the editor, so that the code blocks actually look proper even if there was no syntax highlighted elements on the original page..

Change 309288 merged by jenkins-bot:
MWAceEditorWidget: Configure Ace with its base path

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Thank you!