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Bug properties that can be changed right away in bugzilla, require to enter "Edit Task" before being able to change them
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On a bugzilla bug, for example the "Importance", or "Product" is already a ComboBox, when loading the bug. They can be changed right away.

In Phabricator, when viewing a Task, changing the project requires to click "Edit Task" (on the right end of the screen), before one can enter the desired Project name or click on the desired Priority (on the left side of the screen).



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qgil wrote on 2014-04-24 00:59:55 (UTC)

If you want to change several properties at once then yes, you have to do an extra click to edit the task.

However, if you want to change one field, you can do it directly through the "Action" field under Add Comment (as I'm doing now).

I don't think Phabricator is going to change this setup.

aklapper wrote on 2014-04-24 09:24:10 (UTC)

Does this boil down to "cluttered interface with lots of UI controls vs. having to do one click more"? :)

Sounds WONTFIXish to me too...

qgil wrote on 2014-04-24 14:11:19 (UTC)

Whenever I hear "Bugzilla is hard for (non-technical users, newcomers, etc)" I wonder what exactly is hard, and I think a big part of the problem boils down to a UI with so many controls, most of them not relevant for the task most users want to perform (add a comment).

Phabricator is less intimidating in this sense. After adding one comment, the most frequent task is to perform one action + adding an optional comment, which is also supported.

In exchange, Phabricator allows to edit task descriptions (Bugzilla's Comment #0) which is a huge win. You can also edit your own comments, and everybody can see what has been changed, and when. For a wiki community like ours Maniphest is closer to the way we work.