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Links for user names in Gerrit are double-encoded; does not open page in Firefox
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If you go to with Firefox and click on one of the user names listed under "Owner", "Reviewer", "Author", etc., the links point to,n,z et al. That page displays the overlay error message:

Code Review - Error
line 1:11 no viable alternative at character '%'

But in contrast to T127605, clicking on [Continue] will not display all open commits by the user, but an empty page (apart from the Gerrit header and footer).

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Please provide browser information. I've seen this with Firefox, I've never seen this with Chromium.

I'm using indeed (mainly) Firefox, and the error occurs there. It does not happen with Konqueror.

It seams to be a double encoding problem. The correct link is,n,z
instead of,n,z

encodeURIComponent('@') // "%40"
encodeURIComponent(encodeURIComponent('@')) // "%2540"

If I go to, the link at "Author" points to (which works), so this issue seems to have been fixed between our Gerrit 2.8.1-4-ga1048ce and their 2.11.4-11-ga14450f.

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  • It now works (after clicking 'continue') for me in Iceweasel on the Gerrit we're currently running
  • For gerrit-new (what we'll upgrade to soon, Gerrit 2.12), it works as expected (no error that you have to click 'continue' on).

Looks good to me; emails never worked for me, now I can't find an error.

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Pretty sure this is fixed, per @greg. Please reopen if this is not the case.