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Integrate "for later" as a personal translation list
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Currently suggestions saved for later appear in a separate section above the suggestions list. In order to avoid to create an additional section for personal collections (custom lists or campaigns the users join), we want to present "for later" as one of those custom collections:

dashboard-flat-lists-unified-first-step.png (1×1 px, 294 KB)

  • Showing at most two items, with an option to expand to allow viewing the rest (as we did for suggested campaigns T114745)
    • The two items show are the ones most recently added.
  • From all the collections, the "for later" one will appear always the first one.

This i just one step to align with the future of personalised lists and campaigns. This prototype and the mockup below provide more details on the further direction:

dashboard-flat-lists-unified.png (1×1 px, 366 KB)

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