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Suggest a campaign for users to join
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Oct 6 2015, 10:13 AM
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The suggestions list can include, in addition to individual items, suggested campaigns for users to join them. For example, a user can discover through their suggestions that a "Wiki loves science" campaign exist, and add this list to their collections.

Design considerations

A prototype supporting some of the ideas below is available:

  • A suggested campaign is a list that appears among the suggestions and the user can add to their own lists.
  • It is presented by surfacing up to two elements from the list with an option to view the full list.
    • The list can be expanded by means of a "view all" button or by clicking the list name. It can become collapsed again by clicking on the same elements (the "view all" button becomes "collapse" when the list is expanded)
    • Only one suggested campaign is expanded at a time. That is, when the user expands a list, other lists in the suggestions section become collapsed. When collapsing lists above the current one, we need to readjust the viewport for the user to remain in the same place.
    • The list name header becomes sticky when the size of the list is bigger than the current viewport. This allows to have easy access to close a list even if it is really long.

suggested-lists.png (888×660 px, 189 KB)

explore.gif (503×440 px, 315 KB)

Graphical assets

  • Folder icon:
  • Folder icon (when campaign is expanded):

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