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VisualEditor: some keyboard shortcuts are unreachable on some keyboards
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Example: monospaced font is Ctrl-Shift-6, displaying keyboard shortcuts is Ctrl-/ / Ctrl-Shift-/. On Hungarian keyboards / happens to be Shift-6 so one of these will take precedence and the other will be unreachable.

Given that one of the conflicting functions is just a help screen, this is a very minor issue (and skimming the list of shortcuts there doesn't seem to be any way to have worse conflicts, even on arbitrary keyboard layouts) so feel free to decline; just thought it's worth bringing to your attention.

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Our general approach (as you can see from the list) is to support multiple shortcuts, using the common one(s) that don't clash with each other and are reachable. For languages where a particular shortcut is unhelpful, I'd be happy to add a second if an appropriate one could be found. However, as there aren't any proposals here I can't action them. ;-)

Here's a proposal: Ctrl+Shift+7 because Shift+7 on German keyboards enters a /.
I can't propose a international Shift+? because this would not work on every keyboard. As example, on German keybords, to enter a ?, you need to press Shift+ß and Ctrl+Shift+ß would have the same problem as Ctrl+/.