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Cross-wiki notifications bundle should list wikis in order of timestamp
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Currently, the cross-wiki notifications bundle doesn't list wikis in a useful order (I believe it's alphabetical by DB name). We should list them in order of timestamp, with the wiki where the most recent notification occurred listed first. This applies both to the order of the bundles once expanded, and the order in the text you see before expanding.

This should mitigate T128373: Cross-wiki notifications inform me of very old replies a bit, because wikis with very old notifications would be listed at the bottom.

Event Timeline

Change 273569 had a related patch set uploaded (by Catrope):
Sort wikis by timestamp of most recent notification

Change 273569 merged by jenkins-bot:
Sort wikis by timestamp of most recent notification

Checked in betalabs - wikis are sorted according to the timestamp of notifications.

Notice that the list of wikis in 'More messages from 3 other wiki' is also sorted according to timestamps.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 12.26.13 PM.png (463×559 px, 62 KB)