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Update Help:Notifications
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I've updated the basic page. I'm thinking about the detailed pages, which may not be useful anymore.
T123307: Create an help page for Cross-Wiki Notifications is stubbed.

NOTE: This tracking task should be converted to Goal, any objections?
NOTE: This tracking task should be converted to Goal, any objections?

@Danny_B: I'm surprised about the "should" in that sentence - it's news to me.
I don't see much sense why it's proposed to create a project for four open tasks, plus this seems to a task on its own.
If @Trizek-WMF wants a goal project feel free to create it, but asking "any objections?" feels like the wrong way around.

I don't think that task can be a goal. That feature has not finished to evolve and we don't know when we will stop to add features to it.
So, in that case, is there any chance to finish updating Notifications documentation one day? :)

Danny_B renamed this task from [Tracking] Update Help:Notifications to Update Help:Notifications (tracking).May 27 2016, 5:45 PM

I've started to simplify the page to facilitate translations by separating the description of all notifications types from the global page. A sub page has been created, and all possible translations already done have been saved (afact).

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This task is marked as "Stalled/Waiting for something" in Collaboration-Community-Engagement. What is it waiting for? Should the status be changed to "Stalled"?

It is a Goal. It is always waiting for something, and always on-going. I'm not sure of which status applies best.

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Then let's remove this Goal from the quarterly sprint, since at the end what counts is the activity in the subtasks. Thanks for the clarification.

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Removed myself: it is a global goal, I'm just having a look at it and there is assigned subtasks to solve first.

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This task was a part of a project that seems to have been completed in 2016. I think we can close it now., and its various subpages, look reasonably up to date to me (it definitely has been updated in or after 2016).