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Create an help page for Cross-Wiki Notifications
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Write content for the landing page from the "Information" and "Discussion" links in the Beta Feature preferences pages. I.e. [[Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-betafeatures]]

Deadline: before the Beta release on wikis.



  • what people see
  • what happen when someone activate the feature
  • what are the next releases

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Please let us know when the names for these pages have been decided (even if they haven't been created or finished yet), so we can put their URLs in the code. Currently, the code links to [[mw:Extension:Echo]] and [[mw:Extension talk:Echo]] as placeholders.

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Roan, Pau and I discussed what features will or wont' be in the Notifications beta release. Here is the breakdown we came up with: '

  • beta in the current release: cross wiki notifications
  • projected to add to beta in future releases: mark as unread, expanding bundling (other than cross-wiki), the new sorting scheme and any associated feature changes (e.g., eliminating auto-mark-as-read on open), the new Notifications page (possibly), and volume control.
  • Never in beta: flowusertalk
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