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[Task] Implement statement order fetching from other Wikis
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So that it's possible to eg. use the ordering from Wikidata as a default.

This should be implemented by having a DispatchingPropertyOrderProvider that first tries to get the local data and if there's none, it falls back to loading the data from Wikidata.

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Change 307124 had a related patch set uploaded (by Hoo man):
Allow fetching the property order from a central place

The proposed patch introduces the possibility for client wikis to fall back to some remotely defined property order, by providing a URL from which that order can be loaded, encoded as wikitext.

But what URL will that be? An obvious choice would be But the action=raw interface is deprecated iirc. And it will not work for content models other than wikitext, so it can't be used if we decide to migrate the property order to a json based format, for example.

Using the regular web API would be preferable, but then the response would be wrapped in a JSON envelope, which HttpUrlPropertyOrderProvider would have to know about. It would then be a MediaWikiApiPropertyOrderProvider I suppose.

(This is "done" wrt the sprint. Leaving this ticket open so we can discuss where the property order should actually be loaded from).

Change 307124 merged by jenkins-bot:
Allow fetching the property order from a central place

@daniel I don't see a problem in making use of action=raw here, it's the simplest way to go about this (and also for example SpamBlacklist also does it with a page on meta). There's nothing about it being deprecated in RawAction.