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?markasread=NNN not added to primary links in emails
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When I get email notifications, the primary link does not have ?markasread={notifid} added to it, and so following the link does not mark the notification as read (unless echo_target_page causes that to happen).

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Change 293632 had a related patch set uploaded (by Catrope):
Add ?markasread=NNN to primary links in emails too

Change 293632 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add ?markasread=NNN to primary links in emails too

Checked in betalabs.

  1. "View [page, post, comment, topic}" link in emails includes markasread

e.g. ""

  1. Clicking on the link in emails redirects to a specific page/topic/post and marks the notification as read - in both, the flyout panel and Special:Notifications page.

@SBisson - the url is from an email. Something is not right?

The & between query parameters are encoded as &.

Did you get it from the source of an HTML email or as is in the body of a text email?

@SBisson - it's HTML source, not email text.

Ok, thanks. It looks weird but it seems to be working fine.