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Support multi-project indices
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To support the discovery of more content add support for including multiple projects of the same language in the same search index.

The initial production rollout should support showing users results only from the project they are searching on, as it is today, allowing us to start running tests where we integrate result sets from other projects.

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debt triaged this task as Medium priority.Jul 6 2016, 9:16 PM
Danny_B renamed this task from [EPIC] Support multi-project indices to Support multi-project indices.Jul 6 2016, 10:44 PM
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One issue I can think of right now: as we are making content model more and more rich, we may have additional fields for different content models in each wiki. This can be Flow, structured data, extensions, etc. We need to ensure these fields do not clash (i.e. we don't have two extensions which try to use field "my_data" with conflicting definitions) or somehow find way of namespacing them.

After a full evaluation of our options, and some testing, we came to the conclusion that multi-project indices is a premature optimization. While it may be more performant, it seems the extra complexity is not worth it. Should we decline the series of open tasks?

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Closing this ticket as resolved and I'll close out the accompanying subtasks, based on @EBernhardson's comment above and checking with @TJones to be sure he's onboard. This ticket was written up to solve a problem that ended up not being a problem. :)