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Using Wikidata in Wikivoyage Listings
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The Wikivoyage listing tags should be able to use data from Wikidata. Based on a Wikidata parameter the opening hours, contact details, location etc. should be loaded from Wikidata. Finally a listing entry should only a have a single parameter (Wikidata).

Mappings with Wikidata properties are available at

It should be investigated whether it's sufficient to edit the template {{listing}} (or a related Lua module) or if the listing extension needs to be manipulated. Furthermore Wikidata information could be used by the dynamic Wikivoyage maps.

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One of the issues currently preventing this at Wikivoyage seems to be that:

for many of the standard-sized articles, the number of items to load would be too high. Wikivoyage would need a higher limit than other sites.

I think this could be a good sample of using Wikidata to edit listings.

I think this shouldn't prevent us from creating the technical possibility of using Wikidata. And secondly we're going to need further discussions on Wikidata about the thousands of items for restaurants etc. which don't exist yet.

I think technically it's already possible (arbitrary access is available).

Yes. But can we omit the location parameters without breaking the parsing for the Kartographer maps? And on which level should the insertion of Wikidata info ideally happen (in the templates / modules / in the extension)?

We have now (and which show that the integration of Wikidata data is generally possible. The discussion at Wikivoyage:Travellers' pub suggests that we should create gadgets / tools which "hide" the highly complicated aspects of Wikidata as best as possible. I propose the following:

ruwiki has a framework used for a series of editing interfaces (e.g. people, works, taxa, movies) similar to the one at Wikivoyage:

These edit directly Wikidata.

This looks very good. I guess the main difference is that one Wikivoyage page refers to multiple listing Wikidata items. Do you think the framework coud be extended in this way?

I suppose if it depends if you find someone who'd work on it.

I think it was written by [[User:Vlsergey]], but he isn't currently active.

Please note Template_talk:Listing#Load_Wikidata_label

Inclusion of items in Listings at enwikivoyage is now visible on Wikidata (sample ).